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Broad-spectrum antivirals:

Viruses are a threat to our health, lives and livelihoods. We’re developing a family of broad-spectrum antivirals to treat viral diseases, and for pandemic protection.

Our Work

Currently, approved antiviral drugs are only available for 10 of the 219 viruses known to infect humans. We’re going to change that by developing a family of broad-spectrum therapeutics to treat a wide range of clinical and priority viruses.

Latest News

After spending the last three years in R&D, developing and optimising  our broad-spectrum antivirals, in September 2023 we launched a Series A capital raise to secure the funds needed to complete our pre-clinical studies.

Support Us

Our goal is to end viral disease, and we need your help to achieve it. You can support our vital research by donating and spreading the word about what we are doing. Your support is very much appreciated – and every dollar helps.

We're working on new, genuinely broad-spectrum antivirals.

Kimer Med is a biotech start-up, located in Nelson, New Zealand. We’re optimising new, broad-spectrum antiviral drugs. Our antivirals are a derivative of DRACO, which was tested and found effective in vitro against 15 different viruses in 11 tissue types, and against Influenza H1N1 in mice.

We have achieved significant success in viral CPE assays against 7 different human viruses, and identified a lead candidate to target Dengue and other flaviviruses.

Antivirals are a vital tool to deal with viral disease

Historically and currently, the harm to human life caused by pathogenic viruses is on an enormous scale! In years gone by, viruses such as smallpox killed hundreds of millions, perhaps over 300 million as late as the 20th century. The polio virus paralysed over 15,000 people annually. The 1918 flu pandemic killed upwards of 100 million.

Read more about our efforts to address this age-old problem.

Read the Latest News and Articles from Kimer Med

Image Of A CMV Virion Crossed Out In A Red Circle

Could a cure for CMV result in longer lifespans?

While standard antiviral therapies can suppress active viral replication, there’s no existing treatment that can eradicate latent infection, meaning there’s no cure for many prevalent viral diseases. Viral infection has…

NZ’s Pandemic Preparedness Report – Our Assessment

NZ’s Pandemic Preparedness report – our assessment

New Zealand’s Infectious Disease Research Platform ‘Te Niwha’ has released a substantial report entitled “Likely future pandemic agents and scenarios: An epidemiological and public health framework”. The report was commissioned…

A Simple Diagram Showing The Process Of Viral Replication Within A Human Cell, And Intervention With An Antiviral, Leading To Apoptosis.

Understanding apoptosis: the natural process of cell self-destruction

Introduction: Apoptosis is a natural and necessary process that occurs in the human body. It is sometimes referred to as “programmed cell death” which is a helpful way to understand…

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You can contribute to our efforts to end viral disease. Talk with our co-founders, other professionals and interested parties about the development of our new broad-spectrum antivirals.

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