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Protecting humanity against devastating viruses

Viruses are a threat to our health, lives and livelihoods. Kimer Med’s family of broad-spectrum antivirals will treat multiple viral diseases and provide pandemic protection.

Our Work

Utilising our proprietary Platform, and inspired by the DRACO antiviral discovery, our highly effective broad-spectrum antivirals have shown results against 14 human viruses, including Dengue, Zika, HSV-2 and Influenza. Currently, approved antiviral drugs are only available for 11 of the more than 220 viruses that infect humans.

News & Articles

Here you can find out about our latest success in the lab, our R&D and antiviral development contracts, partnerships and our progress towards finalising our lead antiviral candidate ready for Phase 1 clinical trials. We also publish short articles about different viruses and other topics related to our work.

Invest for Impact

Our Series A is open. Invest in Kimer Med and help reduce the pain and suffering of millions of people and protect the world against future pandemics. An antiviral for Dengue fever alone is an opportunity worth up to NZ$3.8 billion. Your investment will support our extensive pre-clinical work as we progress our lead antiviral.

Why broad-spectrum antivirals?

Broad-spectrum antivirals are essential for protection against both existing and emerging viral threats. Not limited to one virus, they work against a range of viruses – a ‘one drug for many bugs’ scenario.

Antivirals inhibit the infection and replication of multiple viruses by targeting either viral components or host cell factors, providing a critical line of defence that can be deployed before or after exposure, offering immediate relief.

The potential benefits of broad-spectrum antivirals can’t be overstated. As a treatment for a range of known and unknown viruses, they can also work as a preventative, protecting our frontline workers – such as healthcare, police, airline and border control personnel – against multiple viral threats.

The Science

Kimer Med is a New Zealand-based biotechnology company. Our team of scientists, led by Dr Rishi Pandey, is developing broad-spectrum antivirals using compounds inspired by the effective DRACO antiviral. These are large molecules, also known as biologics, that bind to long strands of viral dsRNA, providing us a target common to virtually all viruses.

Our R&D is undertaken in our fully equipped PC-2 laboratory in Nelson, New Zealand, leveraging the region’s internationally-renowned scientific community as well as our global networks and partners. Confirmation of our lab results is carried out by independent laboratories in the United States.

The opportunity is immense

The suffering and harm caused by viruses is on an enormous scale and widely appreciated in the post-covid era.

Less well known is that viruses cause multiple forms of cancer, and are strongly linked to neurodegenerative diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Alzheimer’s Disease. Numerous latent viruses such as CMV and EBV persist for life, causing immune degradation (leading to immunosenescence), and chronic inflammation which is associated with autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

Learn more about our journey towards saving lives and reducing suffering. 

Read the Latest News and Articles from Kimer Med

Kimer Med $10M Closer To Goal Of Virus Eradication

Kimer Med $10M closer to goal of virus eradication

Media Release: Nelson, New Zealand – 10 July 2024 – Kimer Med $10M closer to goal of virus eradication. Biotech company Kimer Med is one big step closer towards its…

Success Against Devastating Viruses Increases At Pace

Success against devastating viruses increases at pace

Media Release Nelson, New Zealand – 19 June 2024 – Kimer Med’s success against devastating viruses increases at pace, as need for pandemic preparedness intensifies Biotech company Kimer Med’s antivirals…

Kimer Med Signs Contract With Battelle Memorial Institute To Pioneer Antiviral Drug Advances

Kimer Med signs contract with Battelle Memorial Institute to pioneer antiviral drug advances

Media Release Nelson, New Zealand – 8 March 2024 – Kimer Med, a Nelson biotech start-up, announced it has signed a contract valued at up to USD$750,000 (NZD$1.3 million) with…

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