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Things are continuing to go well for us here at Kimer Med.

We are excited to announce that we have signed an exclusive license agreement for US patent 7566694, “Anti-Pathogen Treatments,” which is the one and only remaining active patent related to Todd Rider’s original DRACO work. This gives us an excellent IP foundation for work with our compound in the United States.

Our fabrication and testing continues. The end-to-end process takes multiple months. Much of our current testing and analysis is focused on characterizing the chemical aspects of our compound and how it behaves during the various steps of fabrication and purification, in preparation for eventual testing against live viruses. We just finished fabricating one new small test batch, and a new round of testing on it will begin within the next week or two.

With our new office space in Nelson, we’re set to continue our steady growth towards our goal of ending viral disease.

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